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NetBoss Technologies, Inc. Announces Ventraq Acquisition



NetBoss Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier of network management and service assurance solutions to network operators around the world has announced that, with the support of its majority shareholder, Eureka Equity Partners, it has acquired the Ventraq Business Analytics (BIAS) technology assets, product portfolio, and  associated intellectual property, in addition to assuming the existing customer base, support, and maintenance responsibilities from Ventraq, Inc., an innovative provider of large-scale data integration, network and business analytics, and personalization solutions for communication service providers (CSPs) and large enterprises.  The BIAS acquisition is the Company’s most strategic move to date and the recently acquired product line will play a central role in NetBoss Technologies’ recently announced NetBoss.Now portfolio transformation initiative.

The new NetBoss.Now portfolio is focused on offering CSPs, government, transportation, and utility customers a “Right-time Correlated Network Analytics” platform that delivers financially-oriented customer experience, business process, and network performance analytics “perspectives” derived directly from data supplied by their networks via one or more of the NetBoss Service Assurance applications, external OSS and/or BSS systems, or any combination thereof.

“We are very excited to be adding the Ventraq BIAS analytics capability to our portfolio.  NetBoss – through our Manage.IT, NetBoss XT, and StateWise product lines – has always understood the network,” stated Jim Odom, President and Chief Executive Officer of NetBoss Technologies  “By doing advanced correlation with the BSS – primarily CRM, Billing, and SLA Management – and overlaying Ventraq BIAS’ massive parallel processing (MPP) analytics capabilities, we can relate everything happening on the network to the customer experience being generated, the business processes underway, and the performance impact to the services being delivered.  We then correlate those items to derive the financial impacts – good or bad – and finally, the CSP can understand everything about how their business is operating including: what’s happening, who’s impacted, who’s working on it, what’s being done about it, what the status is, and how much money it’s generating or costing; everything.”

Under the NetBoss.Now portfolio transformation strategy, the Ventraq BIAS  product line has been integrated with the NetBoss Correlation Engine (formerly NetBoss Statewise, fed by NetBoss XT, NetBoss Performance, and numerous other external data sources), Executive Dashboard, and open API integration capabilities in order to drive a new “right-time correlated network analytics” product line known as NetBoss Intelligence.Now.

Intelligence.Now’s Analytics and Correlation Engines will provide the “front-end” capabilities that enable the overall NetBoss.Now solution to output a very large number of KPIs, KQIs, and other forms of analytics information derived from the broad spectrum of network-oriented measurement and reporting provided by the Assurance.Now’s “back-office” or other external OSS systems and enriched via interfaces to the BSS layer (CRM, SLA, Billing, etc.).  Pre-configured Intelligence.Now Analytics Value Packs will produce more specific: 1) Customer, 2) Process, and 3) Network Performance analytics information viewed via web portals, executive dashboards, and real-time alerting mechanisms.

The integrated solution was demonstrated at TM Forum Live!, in Nice, France the week of June 2, 2014 to positive reviews, with the most significant interest going to NetBoss Technologies’ introduction of its innovative Network Revenue Optimization offering; powered by the new platform.  In a recent article for Ovum’s “On the Radar” series, Peter Dykes, Sr. Analyst, Telco IT, called the new capability a “silver bullet that CSPs have been seeking.  It levels the playing field with OTT which is something every CSP will welcome.”

“The capability to finally relate real-time network activity and utilization as dollars and cents instead of bits and bytes, and understanding the opportunity cost of each megabyte could very well change everything for CSPs, from their product catalogs, to their marketing, to the way they cooperate (or don’t) with the Over-the-Top providers,” agreed Mr. Odom.  “It’s not the future – it’s NetBoss.Now.”

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